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Changes To T&C’s

Changes To T&C’s

After careful consideration I have looked again at the items that are not allowed to be listed on the Skint Market and have decided I was being far too cautious. Originally batteries, eliquids, PG & VG and concentrates were not allowed to be listed on the market. My thinking was that as it is a secondhand marketplace and it would be difficult to determine the authenticity of any of these products. However on thinking this over again I have decided I was being far to authoritarian in my approach to this, it is after all an 18+ marketplace (users must state this upon entry) so we are all grown ups and big enough to make our own decisions. So from this point onward eliquid, batteries, concentrates as well as PG&VG can be listed on the Skint Market, the T&C’s have been updated to reflect this. WARNING: Nicotine is still not allowed to be listed on the Skint Market in any shape or form, selling or buying nicotine through the Skint Market may get you a ban. This is purely for legal reasons.

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  1. Richard Hernaman

    Good luck on your new venture Mr Skint and thanks for thinking of this.

    Great idea!

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