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  • What is the Skint Market?

    The Skint Market is a free marketplace to buy and sell secondhand vape products.

  • Who is behind the Skint Market?

    The Skint Market was created and is maintained by the Skint Vaper (Links to Skint Vaper website at bottom of this page). I am a vape blogger/vlogger and reviewer based in the north of Scotland that likes to keep the cost of vaping to a minimum.

  • Is the Skint Market really free to use?

    I wanted to create a marketplace I would use and as the Skint Vaper that would have to be a marketplace that is free to use. It is completely 100% free to use the Skint Market and always will be.

  • How do you cover costs if the Skint Market is free?

    While there are some costs in creating and maintaining the Skint Market I keep these as low as possible by using the hosting package I already use to hold the Skint Vaper website. As the costs may rise depending on the popularity of the marketplace I have setup a patreon for the Skint Vaper (link at bottom of this page) for anyone wishing to offer financial support for the Skint Vaper projects, a perk of beng a Skint Vaper patreon is that you will be able to create featured ad's which will feature in prominent areas around the market website. While the market is currently ad free this may change depending on the running costs and popularity of the marketplace. So a shorter answer would be, I pay the running costs myself currently however I do have other options available if needed.

  • Can I sell anything vape related?

    I would love to say yes however there are a couple of restrictions in place for the marketplace to help safeguard market members. We are not all experts and new vapers will not have as sharp an eye as more experienced vapers, there are also some items which are restricted for legal reasons. A full list of restricted items can be found in the terms & conditions (link to T&C's at bottom of this page). Nicotine in any form including within eliquid must not be listed on the Skint Market. This may be reviewed and changed depending on the feedback and demand from market users.

  • Is the Skint Market safe to use?

    Your details including your telephone number will ever be used by the Skint Market for marketing purposes, EVER! Remember this is a marketplace created in the image of a marketplace I (Skint Vaper) would want to be an active member. As for making sure your products and money are safe that is a joint activity between me as the webmaster for the marketplace and you as the member. If you follow the guidelines within the terms and conditions and be a respectful member of the Skint Market community then the risk of buying and selling should be no more than it is within any other marketplace. I strongly recommend all payments are made via paypal so that payments are recorded and the paypal resolution centre can be used if a dispute happens. I also suggest that all postage is recorded and signed to further enhance your evidence. If you report a dispute to me as the Skint Market webmaster I will fully investigate to the best of my abilities which will require you to provide me with any and all evidence you have however I must be honest as is my nature and inform you I cannot get your money or product returned, at best I can and will ban a member that has broken the Skint Market rules. If paypal has been used as a method of payment then the paypal resolution centre may be able to return your money but this would be something that you would have pursue. At the end of the day I didn't create the marketplace to become a judge and jury, I wanted to create a community site that would help each other. Remember, while I maintain the Skint Market I am also a user of the market no different to any other user, I am interested in buying and selling secondhand vape products as much as you are.

  • How does the Skint Market work?

    Please view the How It Works page (link at bottom of page) where my (Skint Vaper) video guide from my youtube channel is featured .

  • Can a business/dealer post adverts on the Skint Market?

    There isn't an easy answer to this as the Skint Market want to encourage small startup business as well as the sole traders such as coil makers ect... If you are a business/dealer/sole trader then get in touch with me (skint vaper) and I will judge it on a case by case basis. If you are a business/dealer/sole trader you MUST choose the dealer option on your profile (you have to options on your profile, individual & dealer).