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Terms and Conditions

T & C's

Unfortunately as much as we would all like to be in a 100% trusting community & Marketplace as we all know that is not how the internet works. It is for that reason and that reason only we have to have some guidance and rules in place to try and keep everything on an even and safe level. Although the Skint Market T&C’s are to be taken seriously and by using the Skint Market services all members are agreeing to abide by any rules outlined here I as admin and a Skint Market member hope I will never have to enforce any of the rules on any other member, I don’t see why we cannot all create a thriving community where everyone benefits and no one loses.

Terms & Conditions

  • Member Guidance...

    While you hold all responsibility for your safety and behaviour when using the Skint Market there are a number of advisory points we would like to encourage you to follow. If collection has been arranged then we strongly advice that both seller & buyer attend the meeting with a relative or friend and arrange for it to take place within a public area. We cannot stress enough the importance of using paypal for ALL payment transactions, including collection. Never sell to anyone under the age of 18 years of age, it is your responsibility to ask for identification to check this if in doubt. We encourage you to report members who you suspect of breaking the T&C's of the Skint Market at all times. Beware of unrealistic products or prices, if it seems too good to be true then it probably is, always exercise caution. Do your research on products, sellers & buyers wherever possible, at the very least always check members profiles and ratings. In the interest of encouraging the trustworthiness of the Skint Market, please always rate a buyer or seller after a transaction and leave comments on their profile. ALWAYS SAFETY FIRST, if you are unsure then leave it!

  • Using the Skint Market...

    As a condition of your use of the Skint Market you agree that you will not: violate any laws; violate the Policies; post any threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene or indecent material; post or otherwise communicate any false or misleading material or message of any kind; infringe any third-party right; distribute spam, chain letters, or promote pyramid schemes; distribute viruses or any other technologies that may harm the Skint Market or the interests or property of Skint Market users; impose or contribute to imposing an unreasonable load on our infrastructure or interfere with the proper working of the Skint Market; copy, modify, or distribute any other person's content without their consent; use any robot spider, scraper or other automated means to access the Skint Market and collect content for any purpose without our express written permission; harvest or otherwise collect information about others, including email addresses, without their consent; copy, modify or distribute rights or content from the Skint Market or the Skint Markets copyrights and trademarks; harvest or otherwise collect information about users, including email addresses, without their consent; bypass measures used to prevent or restrict access to the Skint Market; use any tool that interferes with the normal functioning of the Skint Market, including, without limitation, browser plug-ins, extensions, or other software which are designed to supplement, remove or otherwise change any of the Skint Markets functionalities; or sell any counterfeit items or otherwise infringe the copyright, trademark or other rights of third parties. You are solely responsible for all information that you submit to the Skint Market and any consequences that may result from your post. We reserve the right at our discretion to refuse or delete content that we believe is inappropriate or breaching the above terms. We also reserve the right at our discretion to restrict a user's usage of the Skint Market either temporarily or permanently, or refuse a user's registration. If we believe that you are breaching these Terms of Use in any way and/or behaving suspiciously on the Skint Market, we may, at our discretion, inform other Skint Market users that have been in contact with you and recommend that they exercise caution.

  • Abusing the Skint Market...

    The Skint Market and the Skint Market community work together to keep the Skint Market working properly and the community safe. Please report problems, offensive content and policy breaches to us using the reporting system. Without limiting other remedies, we may issue warnings, limit or terminate our service, remove hosted content and take technical and legal steps to keep users off the Skint Market if we think that they are creating problems, infringing the rights of third parties or acting inconsistently with the letter or spirit of our policies (including, without limitation, circumventing temporary or permanent suspensions or harassing the Skint Market admin or other users). However, whether we decide to take any of these steps, remove hosted content or keep a user off the Skint Market or not, we do not have any obligation to monitor the information transmitted or stored on the Skint Market and we do not accept any liability for unauthorised or unlawful content on the Skint Market or use of the Skint Market by users.

  • Patreon Perks...

    While the Skint Market does offer a perk to Skint Vaper Patreon members, namely the allowance of featured ad's within the Skint Market website, we may at any time withdraw this feature or perk without notice. Skint Vaper Patreon members may also lose this perk from their Skint Market account if they are found to be in breach of the Skint Market T&C's. The withdrawal of this perk is at the discretion of the Skint Market admin.

  • List of disallowed products...

    The following products are not to be posted for sale, exchange, auctioned, free or wanted on the Skint Market at any time. A user found to be posting any of the products listed may have their post removed, account suspended or closed without notice at the discretion of the Skint Market admin. Nicotine (in any form including within eliquids or concentrates) any products considered illegal within the UK, Copyrighted material or products without the permission of the copyright holder.

  • Infringement...

    Do not post content that infringes the rights of third parties. This includes, but is not limited to, content that infringes on intellectual property rights such as copyright, design and trademark (e.g. offering counterfeit items for sale). A number of products of all sorts are offered on the Skint Market by private individuals. Entitled parties, in particular owners of copyright, trademark rights or other rights can report any advertisement which may infringe on their rights, and submit a request for such advertisement to be removed. If a legal representative of the entitled party reports this to us in the correct manner, products infringing on the intellectual property rights will be removed by the Skint Market.

  • Liability

    Nothing in these terms shall limit our liability for fraudulent misrepresentation, or for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence or the negligence of our agents or employees. You agree not to hold us responsible for things other users post or do. We do not review users' postings and are not involved in the actual transactions between users. As most of the content on the Skint Market comes from other users, we do not guarantee the accuracy of postings or user communications or the quality, safety, or legality of what's offered. In no event do we accept liability of any description for the posting of any unlawful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene or indecent information, or material of any kind which violates or infringes upon the rights of any other person, including without limitation any transmissions constituting or encouraging conduct that would constitute a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable law. You acknowledge that we cannot guarantee continuous, error-free or secure access to our services or that defects in the service will be corrected. While we will use reasonable efforts to maintain an uninterrupted service, we cannot guarantee this and we do not give any promises or warranties (whether express or implied) about the operation and availability of our sites, services, applications or tools. Accordingly, to the extent legally permitted we expressly disclaim all warranties, representations and conditions, express or implied, including those of quality, merchantability, merchantable quality, durability, fitness for a particular purpose and those arising by statute. We are not liable for any loss, whether of money (including profit), goodwill, or reputation, or any special, indirect, or consequential damages arising out of your use of, or inability to use the Skint Market, even if you advise us or we could reasonably foresee the possibility of any such damage occurring.

  • Business Adverts...

    Business accounts must be preapproved by the Skint Market admin. In general business adverts are not allowed however the Skint Market would like to encourage startup and creative sole traders such as coil makers. If you are a business/dealer/sole trader and would like to advertise your products on Skint Market then first of all you must choose the dealer option when setting up your account, secondly you must contact me (Skint Vaper) to double check if your ad's are acceptable.